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I have one "slightly" buck tooth. Are veneers an options for me?

Can I get a veneer for just ONE tooth? How much will it cost? Is this realistic, or am I an idiot? (You can say I%26#039;m an idiot if you want)

I have one %26quot;slightly%26quot; buck tooth. Are veneers an options for me?
Well, I do not know if you would want to veneer one tooth cause it will stand out. The thing about getting those or lumineers is that you have to do all the front teeth so they blend and then.... what they do to make it stick is the scrape away some of the enamel and adhere the new top part to your existing tooth. My dentist says it is about 500 a tooth and then depending on wear or tear, they last from 5-10 years. It would be cheaper in the long run to get braces. I was thinking about veneers cause I have a small gap with my front two teeth but I changed my mind. It would cost to much in the long run and the sound of them having to take some enamel away each time I get them put on.... well, that does not sit well with me.
Reply:i was told by my orthodontist to keep my lower lip up higher.

about a month later it had fixed the problem

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I have a buck tooth (one front tooth)Can I straigten it cheaply?

I was wondering if I could whack it with a rubber mallet for a few mins every day, and how long will it take. Before someone suggests I have already built a frame so that when i sleep face down it puts pressure on the tooth - but it dont work as I keep having nightmares.

I have a buck tooth (one front tooth)Can I straigten it cheaply?
A hammer.
Reply:Usually there are resourses in your state, city, country, wherever such as the county or parish social services office and they have so many pamphlets on free dentistry. There is also dental insurance that is about sixty bucks a year and a lot of good dentists to choose from and you only have to pay half of the going rate. It is called Dental Call.....Good Luck.

dont take any chance as i suggest u should go to a dentist because if u do it urself ur teeth will get even worse ok?
Reply:twist it alittle every day with a pair of vise grips?? or yu duct tape a board to it?

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Does Invisalign work for bucked front teeth?

Anyone with experience with Invisalign? Do they work for bucked front teeth? How long would that take? And about how much $?

Does Invisalign work for bucked front teeth?
If your case is SUITABLE for Invisalign, it works wonderfully well - as long as you do your part and wear them (almost) 24/7. Any dentist doing Invisalign has to be certified to use them and should be capable of making the diagnosis of whether or not to use them. If Invisalign was suggested to you, then it should work for your case. Ask an Invisalign dentist and see. Check out to find a dentist if your own dentist does not do them.

I would not say that Invisalign is better or worse than braces, because it depends on the case. There is no set answer. After a few minutes of wearing them, your speech will sound just fine. They are very thin and pretty much exactly the same shape as your teeth. They do tend to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth at first, but you soon get used to that and the salivary flow seems to slow back to normal after a while, also.

In my rural South Jersey general practice, I charge $3,000 for most Invisalign cases, which is less than traditional braces in most cases. I have heard that some charge more for Invisalign than they do for braces, though. The thing is, I am not a specialist and I choose to do only %26quot;easy%26quot; cases that will not require extra devices to be used in conjunction with Invisalign. This can add to the fee significantly.
Reply:If you have an overbite then you cannot use them...I know because I had someone in a dentist%26#039;s office tell me it would not work...however if you do not have a pronounced overbite then it may work.
Reply:There are many answers to your questions and it would be hard to be accurate without seeing your teeth.

I%26#039;ve seen some fairly dramatic cases solved by Invisalign. An experienced dentist (not just orthodontists, but general dentists as well) can do wonders with Invisalign.

Cases range from 5 months to almost 2 years. Where I work, the price is considerably less than traditional braces - easy cases start at $2700.
Reply:probably not, i had a 6month reg. braces and i couldnt even get invisalign!! and my dentist said that its not the best option because he cant really tell or adjust how the teeth will move. also it costs a lot more.

I wanted it because i didnt want anyone to know i had braces so instead i have clear brackets and still no one knows i have braces, even people i sit right next to at work!
Reply:Yes, my dentist has recommended them for me and my front teeth are bucked as well. My dentist said the price is $2000 and up - depending on how many trays are needed and so on. The time it takes depends on the severity of the teeth problems.
Reply:I wear them, and we do them in my office. The best anwer is to see a certified dentist who can properly evaluate your case. In my situation, I am half-way through my two year treatment, but I started with a lot of crowding. Each case is unique and how many trays you will need depends on the amount of movement the doctor is trying to achieve. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, but it sounds like %26quot;bucked%26quot; front teeth would qualify. Some of our patients only need them for 6 months or so, and others, like me with more complicated cases, need around 2 yrs. We are based in the Tampa area and our fee is $5400.00 for the average case, less for simpler cases. Bottom line is- see a qualified, certified dentist to give you more info. You can also check out their website, Good luck.


The names of the best dentist office teeth whitening systems that give you the most bang for your buck?

Personally, I%26#039;ve worked for offices offering both Zoom and Brite Smile. I believe they are nothing more than gimicks and studies support that opinion.

The %26quot;light activation%26quot; system is attractive and looks like high tech, but it doesn%26#039;t work any better than take-home trays, or the same procedure without the fancy light.

Unless you can get it for free, don%26#039;t do it. Some offices offer free Zoom or Brite Smile to get new patients. I sure wouldn%26#039;t pay $500 or $600 for it. That would be a rip-off.

The names of the best dentist office teeth whitening systems that give you the most bang for your buck?
The best one is Zoom, but you have alot of tooth sensitivity afterwards for a few days. Next best thing is Britesmile, not a chiklet white like Zoom, more natural whiteness. If you have the time and patience, the dentist can take molds of your teeth and make you a set of clear trays. You do it yurself at home and will see results in about 4 days. You can make your own teeth as white as you want and touch up whenever you want.

With all teeth whitening products, touch ups will be neccessary.

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My friend is so mean to me they call me names because I am fat, but they have bad teeth!!?

My FRIENDS%26quot;%26quot; call me names cause I am fat. I wish I knew a good comeback cause I am losing all self esteem, this sounds funny but I wish I had a good comeback for them .


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My friend is so mean to me they call me names because I am fat, but they have bad teeth!!?
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Reply:Friends don%26#039;t make fun of you. Get new friends.
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They are not your real friends if they sit around putting you down! Friends are suppose to make you feel good about yourself and be there for you, not make you feel like garbage!

Get new friends that will appreciate you!

☺Good Luck! ♥
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But listen,if they were your real friends,they wouldnt make that much fun of you,tell them off..